Blog #6: Cluttered Popcorn

I’m sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning as snakes but as innocent as doves.” -Matthew 10:16

So, my boys and I have this tradition of Friday nights being ‘movie night’… where we either pick up or I make dinner and we run down our list of choices on Netflix or Prime. And EVERY week it’s the same argument… WHO GETS TO PICK THE MOVIE. ‘You got to pick last week.’ ‘No, YOU did.’ And I interject with, ‘How about you guys both pick… and then I’ll decide which one we go with.’ You may be thinking to yourself, ‘Well, that’s not fair, because then you’re showing favoritism.’ And my response to you would be, ‘To an 8 and 10 year old it may not seem fair… but to their future 18 and 20 year old selves… it’s a valuable life lesson put into play.’

(A lot of) people, these days, seem to have this sense of entitlement that leads them to believe that just because they were born, they deserve to have things given to them. In a sense, they’re right. As Thomas Jefferson once said, ‘We are ALL endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights’. Those rights, however, don’t always include us getting WHAT we want, WHEN we want it and HOW we want to get it. Just imagine if EVERYBODY in the world got THEIR way at the same time. Hard to imagine, right? That’s because it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Even if I lived all by myself on an island… there would still be limitations imposed that would prevent me from always getting MY way. I would, of course, want/need to stay hydrated and fed… but lack of food and clean drinking water (which I’d like to think I was entitled to) may force me to (wait for it…) COMPROMISE and ADAPT to my current situation. Unfortunately, the world is so full of voices (merchandising advertisers being at the top of the heap) telling us from the time we are born, ‘You DESERVE to have this’… or you might recognize this one.. ‘You deserve a break today’… (promoting, through a catchy jingle, a low cost alternative to nutritious ACTUAL food, but I digress) It’s so hard for kids (and many ‘blinds half closed’ adults) to see through the barrage of ill-intentioned, self-fulfilling ideologies that stretch the bellies of ‘big business’, while raiding the physical and spiritual pantries of the common (wo)man, as if they were livestock fighting for their place in the shearing (or, worse yet, slaughter) line.

With all that being said…

I want my boys to see through all the nonsense the world creates… and experience an ‘Adoption of Adaptation’. While the real movie called ‘Life’ is playing, I don’t want them eating ‘cluttered popcorn’ full of chemicals and artificial flavors that trick their tastebuds into thinking it’s good just because it looks/feels/tastes good. Because, eventually, it (along with the other fake things being shaken onto us) will lead to both heart AND belly aches that always piggyback on regret.

Lesson here – while we may not always get to pick the movie… we can always choose to compromise and enjoy popcorn with this round’s winner.

Happy watching 😁


P.S. – Dont forget the butter (organic grass fed non-GMO, of course) 😉

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