Blog #7: In Flaw of God’s Creation

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” -Matthew 7:3

So, I’m up in NY visiting fam and this is the view this morning off my aunt’s backporch. Beautiful, right? Even with the trees bare and the pool frozen… it’s still a sight to behold. Ya know… views like this are sort of like people: all the elements that make them up aren’t perfect… but we love and appreciate them anyway.

We, like the trees, go through seasons. Sometimes, we have to be stripped of all our ‘dressings’ to reveal our naked truths. And when that (which could seem like forever) long season of cold vulnerability calls a wrap on itself… a fresh new garment of life appears. Here’s the thing, though… If the old leaves are never shed, the new ones will have no room to emerge. The old leaves hang on… clinging to a season that has already run its course… whereby leaving the onlookers wondering where the new leaves are.

Change is inevitable. Either WE change.. or the people in our lives change the way they connect (or disconnect) with/from us. God created us to love and interact with each other. It. Can. Be. Hard. We are quick to judge others… be it family, kids, significant other… Instead, how about we flip the script and investigate what it is in THAT person that’s showing/reminding you of what YOU need to change? Because when you’re busy working on fixin yourself… that thing you saw in the other person, strangely enough, seems to shrink…whereby removing the barriers, making it easier to love on them. And the cool part is… that when the fullness of summer hits… that lush greenery reappears, reminding us of the beauty that God has created in, through and around us. And once love has melted the ice… we can all enjoy a nice swim together 🙂

With love & not judgement,


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